A New Survival Adventure: The Legend of Okeanos

Welcome Reader Friends and New Subscribers! First, some much anticipated news: my COIL Prequel, Dark Edge, IS OUT! Click the link to find where you can download this exciting introduction to the COIL Series! *NOTE: To receive your FREE download, use code FK95R at the Smashwords link here. [See Dee's note after post.]

Now it’s time for me to share about a new thrilling survival adventure with you! The title of the upcoming serialized novel is The Legend of Okeanos: a Tale beyond the Expected, and like all my adventures, this one has a story behind the story . . .

The Honor Series

Ever since I was a teen, I have enjoyed writing stories for others to read. For several years, I wrote anything that appealed to me. But in 2003, I began to write more seriously for Jesus Christ as He began to renew my mind and lead me to live more and more for Him. Continue reading

Christian Short Story by D.I. Telbat—Unafraid

Hi Reader Friends! Today, we have a new short Christian story by David Telbat titled “Unafraid.” Remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering for their faith.


by D.I. Telbat

Asli Langat bowed her head and listened to the patter of blood dripping from her brow. Iranian officers could be brutal, especially toward Turkish missionaries, but for now, she was alone in the cell.

Her wound clotted with a little pressure, yet she remained bowed, praying for the Lord to preserve her, as He had been in this newest prison. She knew it was her own fault that she’d been transferred here. Everywhere she went, she shared how God had become the Man, Jesus Christ, and that He’d paid for the sins of the world. Continue reading

Prequel to COIL, Dark Edge—Story of Redemption

Dear reading friends, the COIL Prequel, Dark Edge, is about to be loosed—for FREE! Many of you have already read the first four COIL novels. While you await the release of Book Five, Dark Zeal, later this year, we have journeyed into COIL’s past to discover Corban Dowler in his early Christian life. And we find a story of redemption.

Taking Responsibility

You don’t have to read much of Dark Edge to realize Corban Dowler is up to his neck in the sins of his past. We learn that he spent many years during which he lived and practiced evil deeds. He was dark and moody, a miserable murderer.

For those of us who have come to Christ, we also had a history of sin against God that had to be dealt with. Maybe like some of you, there are pages I’d rather were torn out of my life story. I know well the miseries of wickedness and rebellion—and the consequences of selfish ungodly living. Continue reading

Purchased by a Galilean, Twice—Christian Fiction

Welcome to Telbat’s Tablet, Reader Friends and New Subscribers! Please continue praying for suffering believers in the Middle East, and pray for the Peace of Israel.

We’re happy that you’ve joined us for another free D.I. Telbat short Christian fiction story today. Enjoy!

Purchased by a Galilean, Twice

by D.I. Telbat

Yakov Rimmon stripped duct tape off a window on his home in Galilee, Israel. Another successful biological warfare test. Living so close to both Syria and Lebanon, and the constant troubles with Gaza, such tests were never a waste of time. They were a way to stay alive.

He went out to the garden to water the vegetables and pick a few weeds. After college and his commitment in the IDF, he had spent a year in a kibbutz, a communal farm at Arbel. That’s where he’d met the woman who had taken his heart—Leah, a dark-eyed beauty from Carmel.

Building their new home in Galilee had been the final piece of the puzzle before the wedding. And the most amazing part—Leah was a Christian. Two Israeli-Arab believers had found one another. Yakov knew it was a gift from God. Continue reading

Adventure of being Selfless-Special Forces Christians

Hello reading friends! Today I’m going to talk about being selfless. Yes, being selfless is truly an adventure! The COIL Series and other novels I’ve shared with you have several selfless characters who lead the way for Christians anywhere to stand adventurously for Christ. Sometimes I call them “Special Forces Christians.”

Obedience is Selfless

Obedience requires self to be set aside to do the command of another; it’s the exchange of one will for another. And whenever people of God show that their focus isn’t on themselves, the weary and heavy-laden are attracted to that message.

It’s never enough just to attract people, is it? We are reminded of John the Baptist who attracted many multitudes, but he never hesitated to point the way to the Only Way, Truth, and Life. At one point, John even said he wanted to decrease, because Christ was infinitely greater. Continue reading

Holdout Hallway, Christian Fiction by D.I. Telbat

Hi, Reader Friends and New Subscribers. Please continue to pray for Dr. Brantly, Nancy Writebol, and many others suffering with the Ebola virus. Read this update from the Samaritan’s Purse website.

We hope you enjoy David Telbat’s new short story today—an End Times scenario.

Holdout Hallway

by D.I. Telbat

Ex-accountant Harold Griswold unchained the top lock on his door, then paused to listen for footsteps in the hallway outside his apartment. It seemed quiet, at least from what he could hear over the nightly gunfire outside.

Gritting his teeth against the trembling, Harold slid back the bolt on the second lock, then waited again. If someone was in the hallway waiting for him to open the door, then he was about to die. He had no weapon with which to fight back. The other tenants in the building were either dead, or they were hiding out like he was, never making a sound that he could hear.

Glass shattered behind him as a bullet came through the cardboard-covered window. Harold fell flat on the floor and squeezed his eyes tightly shut. How could America have gone so bad so quickly? Or maybe America had already been this bad and now everyone was just acting out what had been in their hearts. Continue reading

Writing Research for COIL Prequel Dark Edge: Muddy Waters

Hello reader friends and new subscribers! Today I have some writing research facts to share with you about my new novella Dark Edge, the COIL Prequel soon to be in your hands! Dark Edge includes a few chapters taking place in India’s city of Haridwar during a festival of bathing in the Ganges River. Are you ready for crowds and muddy waters?

Kumbh Mela, the Hindu Pilgrimage

The world’s largest religious festival takes place in four of India’s cities, lasting over 55 days. Around 100 million pilgrims gather on the banks of the polluted Ganges River to receive a blessing.

If you were to join the Kumbh festival, besides the throng of humanity, you would find cows and elephants participating in the Karmic journey as well. And don’t forget about vendors selling strange foods and the spectacle of snake charmers (high on Vishnu and ganja). Continue reading

Trade-in for Life – Christian Short Story

Welcome reader friends and new subscribers! Today, David Telbat has another Christian short story for you. First, we want to praise the Lord for the release of Meriam Ibrahim and her family from Sudan! You can read more about that here. Now, enjoy this short story.

Trade-in for Life

by D.I. Telbat

Gene Park stepped out of the church and into the sunlight. The service wasn’t over, but he couldn’t wait any longer; he had to leave. The doors closed behind him as he fell to his knees, his face turned upward to the blue sky, and his arms held wide.

“I’m Yours, Lord” he said softly. They were the only words he could muster through the trembling and tears. “I’m Yours.”

Though Gene didn’t feel like he had much control over himself that morning, life had never felt sweeter than it did at that time. Usually so fluent with his words, he wasn’t bothered that he could pray nothing more. No other prayer would’ve seemed right at that moment. Continue reading

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